Is it possible to finance a second-hand car?

Car financing options differ from one bank to another, and it greatly depends on the model year and kilometres that the car has on its clock.

Some banks will only finance cars that are not older than 5 years, whilst other banks offer financing for cars that are not older than 15 years.

It is extremely important that you ensure the bank that you choose to provide you with vehicle finance is able to finance the vehicle of your choice. If the vehicle is not within the scope of years that the bank is willing to finance, you either need to buy a second-hand vehicle that is not older than the years that the bank is willing to finance.

If you are determined to buy a car that is older than what the bank is willing to finance, another option is to go to a different bank or use another finance provider to buy your second-hand car.

It is extremely important to assess the overall price of the vehicle and compare it with the year and kilometres of the vehicle to ensure that the car will fit your budget even if you use vehicle finance, the car must still be a viable contribution to your life.

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