What car to buy this 2022: Manual or Automatic transmission

There are a lot of debates on buying a manual or automatic vehicle, however the truth is that each of these types have different benefits and will meet the needs of different types of individuals.


Benefits of manual transmission vehicles:

  • Manual cars are usually lighter in weight which can mean the acceleration of the vehicle can be better than automatic vehicles
  • Because of the acceleration benefit of manual vehicles there will also be less power loss for your manual car
  • If you are a sport driver or a fan of sport driving manual acceleration will most likely be the better option for you
  • There can be better control of driving your car by changing gears instead of slowing down you can lower the speed
  • Some people prefer manual transmission vehicles because of the thrill that is connected to the changing of gears


Benefits of automatic transmission vehicles:

  • Automatic transmission vehicles are more comfortable in the sense that you can just drive without the hassle of changing gears
  • It can be safer to drive an automatic vehicle because you do not have to divide your attention between shifting gears and driving your car safely, you can just focus on the road ahead
  • You do not have to rest your foot on the clutch, especially during traffic which can be a great hassle for manual vehicle drivers
  • When it comes to inclines in a road such as a hill or even speed bump manual cars have to be in the correct gear to prevent the car from going off, however, with automatic vehicles you do not have to be in the correct gear as the car automatically changes gears for hills and inclines
  • The chances of your car stalling when driving after the traffic light turns green are almost zero, whereas with a manual car, stalling happens quite frequently if clutch control is not perfect


It will ultimately depend on which of the following benefits fit your requirements the most, if you prefer the benefits of a manual car you should go with that option, if the benefit of an automatic car outweighs the benefits of a manual car that option will be for you.

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