Used Cars: Why It’s Important to Ensure That the Tyre Tread Measurement Is on Standard

The tyre tread measurement of a vehicle indicates the amount of wear that the tyres have. The tread is the thickness or depth of the tyre band which decreases over time as the vehicle is driven.

The tyre band is the physical outer rubber layer of the tyre that is exposed to the road or ground as the car moves. Over time the tyre deteriorates as the band slowly decreases in depth.

This is inevitable for all vehicle owners if you own or drive the vehicle for an extended period of time or if you buy a second-hand vehicle that has been driven for a period of time.

Used cars mean exactly what the name states, it is vehicles that have been owned by a previous owner or more. In most cases all or most of the components in the vehicle have been used and some might have deteriorated. This is the same for the tyre tread.

If you are in the process of buying a used car, it is crucial that you inspect the tyres or ask the dealership for information on the tyres. This will include information on the last time that the tyres was replaced and the depth of the current tread of the tyres that the vehicles has.

It is extremely dangerous to drive a vehicle with low tread and it is illegal as the tread should at least be1 millimetre in terms of Regulation 212 of the National Road Traffic Act.

It is therefore, important to make use of a car dealership that can answer these questions accurately and be transparent about it, if it is not something you can check on your own.

At Olgars Auto we ensure our used cars are roadworthy which also includes the correct tyre tread depth on all our vehicles. We will answer any tyre related questions that you might have and assist with any other information in the most transparent and effective way.

Our cars are of the highest quality and we help our clients to get the new car feeling even when buying a used car. Contact us today at Olgars Auto to find out more on how our expert team can help you get the necessary car information that you deserve to have. We are here to ensure that the process of purchasing a used car is safe and convenient.

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