Fuel: Petrol or Diesel engine when buying a car this year

It is true that there are individuals with certain preferences such as diesel cars and some that prefer petrol cars, this is understandable and the chances that these individuals will sway to another option is very small, however if you are a person that that are not as set in your ways when it comes to what type of fuel intake engine the car must have, this article is for you.


Pros of a Petrol engine car:

  • Petrol engines are usually cheaper than cars with Diesel engines as Diesel engines are more intricate
  • Petrol engines usually makes less noise than Diesel engines because these engines are more refined
  • There are more usually more options on different types of Petrol to fill up your vehicle with than types of Diesels in South Africa


Pros of a Diesel engine car:

  • Diesel engines usually uses less fuel per km and therefore release less carbon dioxide which means they are more environmentally friendly than Petrol engines
  • The carbon tax in South Africa is higher for Petrol engine cars versus Diesel engine cars because of the lower carbon footprint Diesel engines have
  • There is more energy in Diesel fuel when driving versus Petrol fuel which means Diesel engine cars will usually have more power than Petrol engine cars.


Should I buy a Diesel engine car or a Petrol engine car?

The choice will be completely up to you as the individual based on your desires and which of these pros listed above are more advantageous for your specific needs and requirements when it comes to choosing which type of fuel engine you prefer when buying a car this year.


Where to buy the perfect Diesel engine or Petrol engine car this year?

At Olgar’s Auto we provide a range of vehicles from new cars to pre-loved luxury vehicles.  Contact us today or visit our website to find the best car for your desires this year.

Olgar’s Auto has an extensive range of Petrol engine cars and Diesel engine cars, and the choice is completely up to you! Our brands range from Audis, BMW’s, Toyotas, all the way to Chery cars. We will have the perfect car for you this summer.

Our expert team at Olgar’s Auto will assist you to buy the exact car you have in mind and start your year off with a new shiny addition to your family. We are here to make this happen for you.

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