Benefits of buying a demo vehicle vs a brand-new vehicle

A demo car or demo vehicle refers to a car that has been use for demonstration purposes. This means that the car has been used on the dealership floor by the managers or other staff, and these cars are also the cars used for test drives by the dealership for the customers.

The kilometres on these demo cars are extremely low because it has never been used as a daily vehicle by anyone outside of the dealership and has never been owned by anyone other than the dealership itself.

Why would you even consider buying such a vehicle if you are looking for a new car? There are so many reasons clients buy demo cars, and here is just a few of them:

  • Low kilometres compared to regular second-hand vehicles
  • No damage as the car has been used by stakeholders only and were used in test drives, there has been supervision to ensure adherence and quality control
  • These cars are cheaper than a brand-new car, but has all the same benefits of a brand-new car
  • Should there have been a factory fault or defect on the vehicle, demo cars would be the perfect way to test it before selling these vehicles. This means that you will get a vehicle that has been through the test run and the chances that there are any faults is slim as it would have been picked up by the dealership
  • The benefits of aesthetics and quality of a brand-new vehicle without the cost of one


It is quite clear from the examples above that buying a demo vehicle has numerous benefits and if you are looking to buy a new vehicle, you should strongly consider looking at the demo vehicles that the dealership has in stock and on the floor.

It is extremely important to keep in mind that a trustworthy and reputable dealership should be used when buying a demo vehicle such as with any other vehicles. If a dealership is used that is not trustworthy, demo cars can be the perfect way for them to take your money and sell you a car that might not be as perfect as it seems.

At Olgars Auto we strive to provide our clients with the quality of service that we would be proud to connect to our name. We strongly believe that our customers come first, and we will always make sure to abide by this.

If you are looking to buy a new car, we have great demo models from which you can choose. Contact us today at Olgars Auto and browse our website for more informati9on on what demo cars we can provide you with so you can benefit from this process.

At Olgars Auto we will put you and your car first.

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